How to Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses in Colours and Styles -
Different Style (Same Colour!)
The most common type of mix and match bridal party features different dress styles but in the same colour. It’s perfect for when you fall in love with a wedding colour but want the popular mismatched look. This option is the easiest to coordinate and will allow your bridesmaids to have a choice. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own style will let them feel more comfortable and confident. After all, different styles flatter different body types!
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Different Colour (Same Style!)
When you can’t pick just one colour, why not feature multiple? This option is easier to coordinate than a mix of different dress styles and colours, as there is no risk of designs that clash. Simply choose a dress style that will flatter all of the maids in your entourage. Usually, an a-line silhouette works best. From there specify the colours that they can wear, but make sure there is an even spread! You don’t want all but one person to match. We recommend that the bride specify what colour each person in the party should wear.
Different Colour AND Style Dresses
So you want your girls to wear bridesmaid dresses in different styles and colours. No worries! While this option requires the most work, it will also lend the most unique look. First, you will need to determine which colours you plan to feature. We recommend 3 to 4, and make sure that they complement one another. For example, mix shades and hues of one colour. Like blue, pink, or purple. Next is selecting the style of dresses. While you want gowns to flatter each of your girls, each gown should also complement one another. So aim for matching silhouettes, fabrics, or details. Otherwise, you will end up with a lineup that looks too busy or chaotic. The best bet is to feature similar silhouettes, waistlines, necklines, or straps.
Tips for Coordinating Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
Even when your goal is a mismatched bridal party you want to look thoughtful, not thrown together. Follow these tips to make your mismatched maids appear intentional and well planned.
Tie Your Bridesmaid Dresses Together with
a Common Detail
Choosing dresses that feature common details are
one of the best ways to ensure a cohesive look. This
could be matching fabric (chiffon, tulle, velvet),
similar necklines, matching colours, similar
silhouettes, and so on. You need at least one or two
details that match, otherwise, you risk a chaotic vibe
that's hard on the eyes.
Tie Your Bridesmaid Dresses Together with
a Common Detail
We always recommend sticking to the same length
dress. Mixing short and long dresses rarely works
out! Especially when you consider that each length
lends a different vibe. Long dresses are often
considered more formal, while short dresses are a
little more casual. You don't want your girls to look
confused about the occasion.
Be Thoughtful About Your Wedding Colour Palette
When selecting colours for your bridesmaid party to
wear, don't just throw a palette together. Some colours
just don't mix, like warm and cool tones. Seek out
inspiration photos and Order Swatches to test out
how the dress colours will look side by side. Once
you've found the perfect wedding palette, it's easier
than ever to shop for your bridesmaid dresses online
at Feeltimes.
Give Your Bridesmaids Ample Direction!
It's important that when allowing your girls to mix and
match colours and/or styles, that you still lend
direction. You should come up with an inspiration
board or sample photos that you can share and will
give them an idea of the look you're going for. Don't
expect your bridesmaids to find a dress (that you
love) themselves. You are responsible for
coordinating. One of the best ways to help them out
is to recommend your favorite websites to them.
Benefits of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
There are so many perks to mismatched bridesmaid dresses. The first, as we mentioned, is that your girls will know which styles best flatter their bodies. They can also dress according to their personal style, whether it be modest or sexier. Meaning they will feel comfortable and confident. In addition, and as important, is that it will allow some flexibility in regards to price. Not everyone may be able to afford the same dress. Allowing your girls to pick their own dress means that they can cater to their own budget, without any guilt or pressure.
Benefits of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
We understand that creating a mismatched bridal party is easier said than done! To help inspire you, check out these real Kennedy Blue weddings for colours and styles you can incorporate into your wedding.
So now we give you some serious suggestions to consider. It's time to make a decision! Do you prefer a mismatched bridesmaid dress or the same style? Please contact us by email: [email protected] , tell us what you think and we'll be happy to help you.