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Fabric Swatch

Colours are always the crucial part for any clothing and accessories. They will need to harmonize with your skin tone or the event theme. Do you know about the fabric of dresses you are going to use? Will the colours match other staff for you? Here we provide you the solution for the colour match. As we know, different fabric dresses will have different colour shade on the same colour option, to make sure the colour you like is expected or doing the best work for you. At Feeltimes wedding shop, you can get different kind of fabric swatch samples. There are chiffon, satin, elastic satin, taffeta, oraganza and tulle fabric samples, those fabric compose the thousands of special occasion dresses. If you are just not sure which colour is great and which you like, here we got the fabric swatch book which shows all the colours of different fabric, this is secret weapon, you can use it in future also, because most dresses colours are covered in the fabric swatch book. There are also separate options for fabric feel, like chiffon fabric sample, tulle fabric, satin swatches and so on. If you want to do some dress alteration, these colour fabrics can be helpful.