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Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers always make the difference. They give the memorable day the colour and the style its thirsty for. Besides, the wedding flowers will be in your wedding photos all the time, so the wedding flowers choice always say something. At Feeltimes wedding shop, you can get any colour of the flower bouquets you want, and we have latest 2019 wedding flowers style. There are purely one colour flower bouquets, combined colour bouquets. We include all the colours you may use to complement the wedding scheme. You can also find some contrast colours to play the fun of wedding colours. There are also red, orange and purple wedding flowers to colour-block your wedding. Roses bouquets are mostly popular usually, however we have many other wedding flower styles to meet your taste. Like orchid, peony and so on. For the wedding hosted in different seasons, we have also prepared different kinds of flowers to match. You can use both fresh flowers and gorgeous silk flowers to decorate the wedding avenue and aisle. While fresh flowers maybe easily get damaged and easily go out in different weather, we have many silk flowers are great look and convincing.